As a golf club, you can have the best facilities in the world but if you cannot find members that will pay for your services then you can very easily fall under your quota for the year and start to run into financial issues. Below, we have prepared some marketing strategies for you to utilizeon your social media profiles to help you get some new members

1.Know Your Target Audience

The hardest part for many golf clubs when they are building their social media presence is determining who their target audience is. According to the National Golf Foundation, this is a very broad and large group of people reaching out to over 108 million Americans over the age of 6. Although a large chunk of these golfers are men, there are still around 5.6 million female golfers. Since the average golfer plays an average of 18.2 rounds of golf each year, this translates down to lots of use for your golf course when you get the clients.

2. Have a Content Plan

When you are using social media, you need to make content that gears to your target audience. If you find that most of your target audience are golfers from 16 – 25, then consider making content that provides informative tips on how you can become a better golfer. If you find that your target audience are serious golfers over the age of 30 with kids, you might post content about how you can take your family and kids out to golf.

3. Be Consistent

While you are posting your content on social media, one of the important strategies for building followers is to be consistent. Having content that you can post at least two to three times a week is a great way that you can keep your followers engaged, as well as generate new followers. Have a schedule for consistent content and be sure to keep up with it. If you stop posting content, your base of followers will also stop growing.

4. Get Online Reviews

Having online reviews both on your social media pages and on other locations like Google can be a great way to let the quality of your work speak for itself. If you have a great course and there are friendly staff on-site, you will normally never get any sort of bad reviews. However, in the event that you do get a bad review, be sure to respond in a positive manner inviting them back to the club and perhaps a gift in return for the second chance. Public responses like this can help you ensure that a negative review doesn’t harm the reputation of your golf club.

5. Put Clients First

When you are putting clients first, this means listening to their needs, being attentive to their needs, and available to help them out at any time. This includes driving your golf cart out to help someone who sprained their ankle, having food ready for them at your dining facility when they are finished with their round of golf, and so on. The small things make a big difference. When you put the needs of your client first, they will quickly spread the word of the great management of that golf club in the neighborhood! Many of the clients you will get will be from word-of-mouth referrals.

6. Offer Special Online Rates

On your social media profiles, one of the best ways that you can get more clients is to have special online rates that can only be found on your social media profiles. This will help encourage both existing and potentially new members to follow your page and stay up-to-date with your latest posts. Having special rates can include free or discounted driving range ball buckets, discounted food or drink, and so on. Having special deals is a great incentive for your clients to follow you on social media.

7. Run Trial-and-Error Tests on Social Media Content

Having social media accounts that you use for marketing your golf club is a great way to gain followers, clients, and so on. While you are doing your social media content, make sure to gauge the reach of your posts, the number of likes, engagements, and so on. Consider each post a test that you can learn from for the future. If you notice that you don’t get a big enough engagement for a certain post, try to figure out why so that you can adjust your strategy for the future.

Remember that Getting New Clients is Not Easy
Although there are many proven strategies in marketing for getting new club members for your golf course, you need to keep in mind that this is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. You will probably need to work on your social media presence for several months before you start to see a return in your efforts.