Website design has come a long way in the last few years. We have to admire the aesthetics and functionality that companies are packing into their webpages. The added features and inspiring photos help remind us of the reason that we fell in love with the sport in the first place.

To commemorate some of our favorite golf sites, we put together this list of the best golf websites for 2020. These are the best sites that bring in large numbers of people and that serve as pillars in the golf community. Let’s take a look at some of these sites to see what makes them so special as they show us what’s possible.

As the official site of the PGA Tour, this site provides real-time live scoring for professionals in the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, and Tour. The impressive array of news stats, video, player info, and tournament info is unmatched.

The PGA Tour standings front and center when you first visit the site, they don’t force visitors to find the pressing information theta re looking for. The state scroll across the screen, being updated on the fly. Scrolling down shows the scheduling for the next tournament, where to watch it, and what to expect. Special moments are memorialized in heartwarming stories. Fans get the chance to interact with the latest social feed and find out more about their favorite players.

This well known is all about the sport of golf, covering all major tours and broadcasting regular updates throughout the world. Their leader board information is extensive, and they curate a wide array of interviews and instructional videos by the world’s top pros.

The latest news, tournaments, and content coming to the channel are brought to the feed as the user scrolls down. The programming that is airing live is advertised along with the full schedule. Golfers on the green share stories, about their hardships, triumphs, and passion for the game. The leaderboards are easy to find for the masters and other tournaments.

The official site of Golf Digest and Golf World magazines doesn’t disappoint. With torrents of information for rank amateurs up to seasoned enthusiasts, this is a fantastic resource for all things golf. Thorough research, hands-on equipment reviews, and a comprehensive course finder are all available to pursue

The homepage features touching stories that reflect the diverse lives and persistent passion of people related to the sport of golf. The human element is emphasized to bring interesting stores to life. Popular videos show users the highlights they want to see and the moments they want to catch up on. Every aspect of golf culture has engaging content to pull the reader in and make them want to know more.

The Golfnow organization provides the best prices on tee times for 5,000 golf courses and counting. The service allows you to book online or by phone in the USA, Canada, Bermuda, Mexico, Ireland, and Scotland.

The brightly colored design doesn’t waste any time alerting you to the hottest deals near your location, wherever that may be. You can do a specific search, look for the best deals available, narrow the search to deals closest to you, save your favorites, or schedule a time. Each course is upfront with pictures, prices, and an overview of how it was reviewed by your peers. They cater to vacations, destinations, and make it easy to download the app and book times anytime, anywhere. The site makes it easy to browse different states in the US and other countries that are available to book.

A simple name that houses a comprehensive library of all things golf. There are regular updates on pro tours and the master. Tutorials and instructions to improve your form, knowledgeable equipment reviews, updates on the hottest courses, and anything else that you can think of that is golf-related.

The homepage entices readers with all of this, allowing them to choose which aspects of the game they are interested in. It could be exercised to warm up and avoid injury, catching up with the pros, examining must-have gadgets and gear, or celebrating the newest championship.

The home professional golfers are also welcoming to passionate amateurs. The site focuses on giving sound advice to improve anyone’s game and has a full coverage of the American Championships.

The site knows that the leaderboard is what brings people in, and they don’t make visitors wait to see the latest updates of what’s happening on the tour. They supplement that with exclusive stories with some of the top pros and heartwarming anecdotes about the difference that the association makes in its communities. The design is simple, clean, and effective with just enough color to be interesting without clashing.

This site focuses on bringing the best equipment to anyone through their online store. The selection of clubs, apparel, and equipment is unmatched in the galaxy. Any piece of equipment or service you could need to improve your game is available at a competitive price.

The site immediately segments visitors into the departments they are most interested in. They aren’t looking to sell people things they aren’t looking for, but instead, look to help them find the perfect item for their needs. They package their best deals into enticing clickbait and offer flawless images to catch the reader’s eye.

This handy platform brings the general discussion to life and features a unique left handers swap shop for those of us who happen to be wrong handed. The site offers many different windows into the diverse amount of content available on the site. Each broad category has its section to effortlessly find the latest news, articles, or gear reviews. Hobbyists will never run out of content to consume. As soon as one article is done, five more must-read topics pop up in its place. The design is clean and varied, emphasizing the featured images and catchy titles of the content they work hard to produce.

This site works to further the mission of private clubs across the nation. The site focuses on what clubs do best: building relationships and enriching the lives of its members.

The professionalism of the company is apparent in every work, picture, and design choice. They easily convey a sense of elegance and luxury that they want to be associated with private clubs. They are quick to pull you into wanting to know more about what it’s like to be a member there, how to host your wedding or similar event or visit the newest location.

This site is the hub for the premier entertainment and event venue featuring unique point-scoring golf games that engage people at every skill level, providing upscale bar food, rocking tunes, and fulfilling every entertainment need.

The site is fast to show viewers what the venues have to offer for events and outings. They are upfront about the explanations and you find the nearest location. The front page demonstrates their lively social media presence and the playful attitude that they try to foster.

The newest flagship clubs and geat take center stage the first time you visit the site. Scrolling reveals varied offerings and featured products to pique the interest of a variety of customers. They showcase their original series, stories, and podcasts that demonstrate their dedication to the sport. Their original content shows pros and the passion that they put into their discipline.

This top-of-the-line golf equipment retailer carries the best equipment and accessories to bring access to beginners and specialized tools to passionate fans. Their competitive pricing and unbeatable selection make it one of the best places to find gear online.

The front page emphasizes the deals available and the price advantages that shoppers get. They showcase a variety of gear with crisp photos that do a good job conveying the value of the product in a single shot. The customer is greeted with different types of the deal depending on whether they are looking for the best deal, the newest gear, or something original.

This site centers around one of the most popular golf games. The platform is unique in that it is not limited to a single device category. Playing WGT Golf is available on the web, PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

A simple call to action beckons the visitor to play now if they know what they want, or giving helpful information on how the game works, a video tutorial, and a list of some of the courses available to play. The front page has multiple views and angles from the game itself, giving the viewer a better sense of what to expect. They sneak social proof onto the page without being pretentious and keep the flow of the page minimal, confident in what the game has to offer.

This website covers the latest USGA news, videos, and photos. The platform offers tickets, merchandise, publications, and much more for sale. The site keeps track of the information that visitors want to see. They focus on the results of the latest rounds and promote both men’s and women’s golf where appropriate. The design is minimal and doesn’t intrude on the space. Inviting animation comes up as the pictures load while scrolling, inviting you to explore further without distracting from the goal of the page. The menu makes it easy to navigate and inviting to buy tickets or learn more about the pros and history of the sport.

This golf simulator goes above and beyond to provide a realistic experience wherever you play it. The Korean company brings the most realistic simulators to open up practice and play to 2.8 million members who play 59 million rounds per year. The site is intuitive and easy to navigate. There are video loops that demonstrate many of the features of the simulators without relying on verbal communication. The wording is there for clarity, but they are confident enough to let the visuals sell the product. It’s easy to ask questions, ask about a purchase, or build a virtual simulator without having to look around too much. They facilitate their desired visitor actions perfectly without being pushy.

The maker of the #1 driver in golf has an online presence to match. Guests are invited to look through their full line of drivers, fairways, rescues, irons, wedges, putters, balls, and accessories. TaylorMade focuses on using technology to drive performance.

The site makes it clear what they do and puts its signature products first. They make it easy for shoppers to find whatever line of products they are looking for. TaylorMade showcases their craftsmanship and entices visitors with the thought of custom products and unique accessories. The pictures are professional and unambiguous. They show off the company’s brand and style without forgetting what the customer is there for.

This discount outlet focuses on providing value to patrons. They serve the lowest prices on the most popular gear and leverage their reach to bring these discounts to anyone interested.

The bright, colorful tiles are arranged to remind you of a discount flyer in a newspaper, reinforcing the notion that these are heavy deals being advertised on the front page. They list their services clearly on the front page where they make it clear what they are offering their customers. The key differentiators are spelled out clearly in a casual, inviting font that feels down to earth.

This informative site provides information, statistics, and news covering every aspect of the European PGA Tour. The site is clean and to the point, with exclusive stories about top pros greeting you right when you arrive.

A simple scroll reveals the rankings and stats that avid enthusiasts are looking for. This site knows what it is, and doesn’t forget it. The white and navy outline makes provide contrast without clashing, and the clear call to action is present without being pushy.