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Penn Oaks is a premier private golf club in West Chester, PA. But you couldn’t have known that from their website. In fact, you couldn’t even find them on Google. This is their story of transformation

Quick Overview

Before partnering with us, Penn Oaks didn’t even appear on Google.

Penn Oaks Golf Club provides a unique and elegant experience for their club members, along with their guests at catering events. But their online presence was not reflecting this at all. Before, Penn Oaks didn’t even appear on Google, despite working with a SEO and digital marketing agency.

We stepped in and transformed their marketing (and their profits) around using a simple process.

Survey the Brand

It started with a thorough assessment of their current digital marketing and online assets to identify opportunities for improvement.

What was the problem

Penn Oaks Golf Club had significant SEO and visibility issues, along with website user and design flaws, resulting in search engine penalties.

What we do we do

We resolved the errors, purged the site of SEO penalties. Relaunched a visually appealing, high converting website with digital marketing strategy.

Challenges Solved

Our discovery led to a host of issues affecting Penn Oaks online and digital marketing efforts. 
But they could easily be summed up into two main challenges they needed to overcome.

Challenge 1: Lack of online visibility

Being visible online is critical to any businesses success, but especially for golf clubs and special event venues. Penn Oaks was suffering with severe penalties from Google and other search engines, leaving them nowhere to be found by their target market. Their income took an 80% beating within a few short weeks following the institution of these penalties.

Challenge Two: Wasting your marketing budget

They were over-leveraged on one channel and spending too much just to get what little results they were receiving. Their website was not designed to lead visitors to become customers, therefore failing to convert the little traffic they had. And their agency at the time was using negative SEO tactics which triggered the search engine penalties, resulting in even more severe loss of online visibility.

Raise the Online Profile of Your Club

Make digital marketing work for your Golf Club to lift your visibility and your profits.

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The Results



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The decision to go with Creative Web Results for the design and seo of our website was one of the best decisions we have made as a business. Creative Web Results, changed our appearance to the digital world as well improving our organic search results. They are truly a great company to work with and I would recommend them to anyone”
Brendan Murray
Manager, Penn Oaks Golf Club

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