Having a golf tournament can be a great way to engage with your co-workers, family members, and so on. However, paying the golf club to use the course for a day is usually the hardest part of securing your day of fun. However, we have some tips for you. Below, you find some ideas for raising money for your upcoming golf tournament. Before you pick the date for your tournament

1.Online Fundraising

Doing online fundraisers has been one of the best ways for raising money in the modern world. There are various online platforms such as Crowdfunding that are designed to help people who need to raise funds to connect with generous people around the globe. If you can get your fundraising shared around on social media platforms to the right audience, you can easily secure the money that you need to book your golf tournament. Or, at least a sizeable percentage of it.

2. Ask for a Sponsorship from the Golf Club

Golf clubs will often be willing to help alleviate some of the burdens of having a golf tournament. Especially if there is an incentive in it for them. If you will have media crews coming to the tournament, for example, this could provide a high level of publicity for the golf club that could mean that they get new clients. If you want to ask the golf club for a sponsorship, try to have an incentive in it for them otherwise it will likely be turned down.

3. Do a Photo Booth

One of the best ways that you can raise money for your golf tournament while staying on the theme of golf is to do a photo booth. If you have somebody in your circle of friends that has a photo booth, then you won’t need to spend the funds for renting one. Then, ask your golf club if you can set up the photo booth on a particular hole of the course. As golfers are coming by, many will be willing to pay money in order to have a memory of their great day out on the course!

4.Mini Golf Competition

A mini-golf competition is a great way to raise money for your tournament while sticking to the theme of golf. To do this, first start by collecting money from each person interested in the tournament. Make sure the entrance fee is higher than what you will need to pay at the mini-golf course. While playing, keep scores for each player. Have a special prize for the winner of the event. You should also be able to save a large chunk of money this way.

5. Volunteer Caddies

If you have a group of friends that are young and willing to help you out with your fundraising, ask them to volunteer their time to become a caddy. Whenever there is a large chunk of people going out to golf for a day, have your volunteer caddies come along. Caddies will commonly receive some pretty good wages for their work. Have the money that they make go straight towards the money you need for your golf tournament.

6. Driving Challenges

Having a driving challenge is a fun way to raise money without spending too much time. To do this, have all the interested people in your tournament sign up for the driving challenge for a fee. Then, go to the local driving range and get one bucket full of balls. Once everybody is warmed up, provide a prize for the person who drives the ball the furthest. If you set the fee at the proper level, this can be a very lucrative way to raise money for your upcoming tournament.

7. Separate the Fees for Each Tournament Member

If you don’t want to spend much time planning out different means of fundraising, one thing you can do is have each interested party in the tournament pay an equal share for the total cost of reserving the site for the day. If you have a large number of people interested in the tournament, this might not even be that expensive. If you want to have cash prizes for your tournament, then account for this by slightly increasing the fees for each person.

The Earlier You Start Planning the Better
One last piece of advice that is relevant for you is that you should start planning out your fundraising as soon as possible. If you wait until the last minute, you will likely not end up being able to secure all the funds that you need for your tournament. Try to start fundraising 6 months or so before you anticipate doing your tournament. With the proper planning and right fundraising techniques, you will be able to secure the money you need for your tournament.