What Do Golf Marketing Companies Do Best? 7 Ways They Can Grow Your Golf Company’s Brand

As we move full steam ahead into 2021, businesses large and small will need to find creative ways to grow their brand in a post-pandemic world – even golf clubs and private golf courses that serve a narrow but loyal market.

Usually, we see most golf course marketing companies focusing mainly on print collateral like brochures, weekly newsletters, and other miscellaneous copy.

The problem with those media is that most members won’t read or acknowledge them; they completely tune out offline media and advertising because there’s no added value, nothing entertaining and worth reading.

So what’s the better alternative? The alternative is building a digital brand with well-regarded golf club marketing companies.

No one knows which way the economic winds may shift in the coming months, so that’s why quality golf marketing companies stand poised to help businesses like never before.

Here are seven ways golf marketing can grow a brand, increase membership, improve sales, and raise notoriety.

1 – SEO and PPC

From our perspective, digital marketing is transforming the online world every day, and it’s about much more than incremental success. A well-thought digital marketing strategy can propel a golf company to new heights and faster than ever.

If we were to develop a marketing strategy from the ground up, we’d start planning for search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns; both capabilities are necessary to get the most mileage out of Google.

Person analyzing golf club SEO Campaign

The idea is to make it easier for customers to find your golf company online since people are already actively searching for information online. When we combine SEO and PPC effectively in a cohesive strategy, we can target customers with much greater accuracy, improving lead quality at scale.

2 – Social media marketing

In our experience, we’ve come across too many golf marketing companies that only do social media campaigns, neglecting Google, and creative content altogether. While social media remains a critical channel, its position in the marketing mix isn’t as superior as it once was.

The reasons are many, but mainly, customers have changed their attitudes around the type of information – and people – that social media promote.

What you don’t want is to get lost in the drama and noise of unpredictable, viral trends, wasting precious marketing funds on campaigns that don’t convert reliably at scale.

3 – Content creation and management

That said, content creation and management are what ties together SEO, PPC, and social media. All media is content, but not all content is necessarily media in the traditional journalistic sense.

Today, digital media always hammer home on-brand messages, and best of all, they can also collect feedback on how successful those messages are after a certain period. Analytics is the technical term for this process of reviewing metrics for opportunities to fine-tune marketing.

But none of that is possible without creating a constant stream of high quality, entertaining content!

A good golf marketing company knows how critical content creation is to the marketing mix and can develop content and convert leads at scale.

4 – Multi-media production

Certain marketing assets are simply more expensive and challenging to produce because they require creativity and technical savvy. Multi-media production is a prime example.

Most golf courses can’t film hours of high-quality video. The difficulty isn’t in the creation; it’s implementing multi-media content in a cohesive marketing strategy.

There are technical details when producing videos that golf marketing companies can handle on your behalf. We’ve come across web designers who know next to nothing about multi-media, and we’ve come across multi-media pros who don’t know anything about web design.

What golf-focused companies need is to find ways to create high-quality multi-media content at a reasonable cost and scale.

5 – Website modernization

Along those lines, the online world keeps evolving at a break-neck pace. There’s no unstoppable force like digital marketing online, but it’s hard to keep up with new developments.

It’s even harder to create those new developments and disrupt entire industries, and that’s what marketing pros are doing every day. But how?

Young couple looking for near by golf club on smartphone

The answers boil down to a company’s ability to take advantage of new technology. In a marketing context, new technologies might be better than lead capture software or more accurate analytics.

Golf marketing pros know how to integrate new capabilities and modernize a company’s website and digital assets at scale.

6 – Optimize offline marketing collateral

Earlier, we mentioned that offline collateral isn’t as nearly as sufficient as it once was, but why? We believe that’s because there’s a disconnect between offline media and online media.

We’ve seen some marketing pros simply slap a logo on print collateral and call it a day, call it on-brand and reliable. Only it’s not in the least reliable.

Quality golf marketing involves so much more than making sure visuals elements are similar; it consists of streamlining offline collateral with digital content to create a seamless message.

Even a simple call-to-action that promotes a golf club’s social media presence is better than no coordination, but too many marketers overlook the easy win.

7 – Strategize for growth at scale

Up to this point, each way that golf marketing companies can help grow brands has ended with an emphasis on capabilities at scale. We’ve stressed the point intentionally throughout the article to drive home a point: digital marketing leverages economies of scale for return-on-investment.

In our experience, the scale is a concept that some companies misinterpret as “a lot of clicks, comments, and followers.” That is the result of developing a strategy to grow brands at scale but not necessarily the means.

A quality golf marketing company respects transparency and breaks down its efforts into key performance metrics, especially customer acquisition cost (CAC).

If executed well in a cohesive, creative strategy, digital marketing’s CAC can be several magnitudes greater than traditional offline marketing. You can achieve far greater results with a much smaller investment – if you plan for growth at scale.

Golf marketing companies can help businesses succeed by giving them access to technical capabilities that they simply cannot do in-house.

With 2021 approaching fast, now is the time to act and choose a golf marketing company that excels in these seven ways.