What Are Country Clubs?

Country clubs are privately owned clubs, with most admitting members by sponsorship or invitation. They offer various sports and recreational facilities for members’ dining and entertainment. Country clubs are well-known for having well-structured buildings located on vast grounds. Typically, they provide members with recreation, sports, especially golf and tennis, plus entertainment.

Country clubs mostly sit in the outskirts of the city, and their wealth of space makes it possible for them to engage in outdoor activities, especially golf.
Why Should Country Clubs Organize Social Events?
Social events are one of the best ways to bring people together. At such functions, you get to meet new people, share ideas with other individuals, and learn a thing or two while having fun, of course.

Therefore, we bring you several ideas to consider when choosing events to organize for a country club:

1. Costume Party

Playing dress-up is one of the many ways you can have fun. You can set the event around a theme and have club members pick up costumes in line with the subject of the party. To make the party more fun, make plans to award a prize to the best outfit at the end of the party. This practice gives every member something to look forward to and the enthusiasm to participate.

2. Movie Night

Seeing a movie seems like a grand way to relax after a long week. Organizing an event that provides the club members with entertainment and relaxation is an excellent idea. You can always set up a projector in an open space and make provisions for refreshment right on the club grounds instead of going to a theatre. Consider allowing members to bring along a plus one to enjoy the movie.

3. Comedy Night

Comedy shows are always fun and exciting. They help you get your mind off things and provide you with moments of uncontrollable laughter. When organizing this event, do reach out to headlining comedians and local talents as well. To spice things up, allow interested club members to make their fellow members have a good laugh by cracking jokes as well. Such memories hardly fade away.

4. Award Ceremonies

It doesn’t have to be glamourous and all like the Grammys or the Oscars. Every club member has a unique feature and different ways they’ve contributed to the existence and operation of the club. An award ceremony may be set up to honor and appreciate all club members.

5. Car Boot Sales

It is said that one man’s junk is another’s treasure. This event will operate just like garage sales, except it won’t be in a garage. Participants get to sell items they no longer need from the boot of their cars. It’s also an opportunity for the club to raise money as well. You may charge attendees a token to take part in the sales event.

6. Endurance Race

Endurance events revolve around competing against oneself in racing events like running, swimming, and cycling. Organizing endurance events for club members is a way to catch fun and exercise, which is good for health.

7. Gaming

No one is too old to play games. Setting up gaming competitions open for club members and members of the public is an exciting way to spend time. Puzzles and board games such as Chess, Scrabble, and Monopoly, are suitable picks for such an event. The presence of prizes for winners will attract more individuals to take part in this event.

8. Open Mic Night

With the right choice of music, you can never go wrong. Open mic nights are usually fun. Send out invites to club members to bring along friends and families they wish to share fun and exciting moments. You can plan to bring in local bands from around and allow attendees to come with any instrument of their choice to perform live before everyone else.

9. Book Clubs

Knowledge is power, they say.Most of the things we know today we read from a book. Events like these allow members and other present individuals to connect and share thoughts. Try as much as possible to provide books your members will find intriguing and uplifting. Conjure a session for members to discuss books they have read and how it has helped them. You can top it by inviting authors of a few books to the event so members can get autographed copies of their favorite author and also speak with them.

10. Campfire Sessions

Campfire sessions are undoubtedly fun and lively. The combination of warmth, music, refreshment, and the company of friends is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Invite your club members over to gather around a campfire. If you can’t find a convenient area outdoor, consider gathering around the heater. It may seem like a simple event, but members will get to bond and interact more in the process.

Whenever you plan on organizing a social event in your country club, consider any of these activities, and you can also decide to come up with something fresh by combining ideas.
We hope you find the most suitable event(s) to plan for you and your club members from this extensive list of ideas.